Who we are


Cori and Jamie relax between field sessions.

Dr. Jamie Voyles is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research program centers on understanding infectious diseases in wildlife and she is dedicated to applying her research to conservation problems. Her PhD research focused on unraveling the mystery of mortality in amphibians with chytridiomycosis. Her amphibian research projects have extended beyond international boarders to 13 different countries, including Panama and other Central American countries.

Dr. Corinne Richards-Zawacki is an Assistant Professor at Tulane University. Her research program focuses on ecological and evolutionary biology, and how an understanding of speciation can be applied toward the conservation of amphibian diversity. She has worked on numerous projects focused on Panamanian frogs, including golden frogs and poison dart frogs. Her PhD research centered on the conservation of Panamanian golden frogs. She is a member of the conservation organization Project Golden Frog and a research associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Both Dr. Voyles and Dr. Richards-Zawacki have published extensively on the topic of amphibian declines in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals, including Science, PNAS, PLoS Pathogens, Diversity and Distributions, EcoHealth and Evolution. They have both been invited speakers at international forums and have been actively involved in conservation education for diverse audiences including academic scholars, conservation management groups and the general public. Other accomplishments include a wide variety of research awards from national and international science organizations. Their research has been highlighted in numerous public media outlets including the BBC, USA Today, Nature News, Science News, Wired Science and Discover Magazine.

Want to hear more?  Listen to a podcast interview with Science, or see a talk for UC Berkley, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

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