The golden frogs of Central America (genus: Atelopus) are among the most imperiled of all amphibian species. Of 88 species in their genus, 65 (74%) are critically endangered or extinct. The most pressing threat to golden frogs is chytridiomycosis, a fungal disease that has caused die-offs and declines of amphibians around the world. Although researchers are aware of a small number of surviving populations, most anecdotal reports of re-discovered golden frogs are regarded with skepticism because to date there has been no comprehensive follow-up survey of populations.

We are conducting comprehensive field survey to identify survivor golden frog populations in Panama. We will also investigate the factors that permit survivor populations to persist while others have not. By characterizing biological and environmental that can facilitate population recovery and the repatriation of captive golden frogs, our project will be actively working towards true conservation of amphibian biodiversity.

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  1. Ian Kirkham

     /  July 11, 2013

    A month ago I found 2 different Variable Frogs inside our ranch home which borders a 65 hectare rain forest in Alajuela province, Costa Rica. A week ago, we found another individual on the porch of our home. I took a photograph and sent it to a friend at the University of Costa Rica to see if they were interested in these records, but haven’t heard anything back. I can send you the photograph if you would like to verify my identification.


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